Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Fed up with Generation Whiner?
What happen to the good old days when people were not wusses?
I am to the point of being sick and tired of cry babies (no, Gershom, this has nothing to do with you).
I just got done reading an article by a therapist that wrote:
"Every adoptee loses their birth family, even in open adoptions. Loss creates sadness and anger and sometimes depression. Loss leads to yearning and mourning for what is no longer ours. Adoptees can sometimes feel this on a daily basis."
Bla, bla, bla.... give me a break. Is our society so hung up on our "feelings" and so self centered they need all this therapy for all their "problems"?....hmmm...."your parents didn't give you enough validation and I think it's all because you were adopted"...that will be $100 please.

Has anyone talked to people who are over 70? These people lost parents, children, spouses, went through the depression - barely making it, some went through war (some of the men killing the enemy). Even my own mom lost her mother at a young age during the depression and two of the children had to live with the priest for a few years. Those were hard years and people went through much more than any other generation....but you don't see them going to therapists or whining about their pasts. They are the most hard working, happiest and honest people you will meet (as a whole).

So when did it become "all about me"....the generations of
selfish whiners?
Therapists will tell you about all the people who are unhappy....well, hell0----that's all they see...that's why people go to therapists. So, if they see 100 patients everyone is unhappy? Come on.....we don't know what hardship and sadness is.....we all have it way too easy and I guess people need something to complain about.

Live your life....make it happy and leave the past in the past.....what have you lost??????? TIME WORRYING ABOUT IT ALL.

************end of rant

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