Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A New Year - A year for Families to grow!

I pray that this new year helps to find many kids new adopted families and the families to find those kids.....
There are too many couples waiting....waiting..... I know how that waiting can feel SO long and hurt So much.

2008 - the year of LOVE!

There is so much light on adoption now. With all the Hollywood stars adopting - it's made it less of a taboo thing to talk about for the general public. "Adopted and proud" - we "happy adoptees" have always felt this's everyone else who never knew what to say.....

*Hallmark has a series of on line stories (really good)
*The Dave Thomas foundation is even trying to help with a credit card just for adopted families through Chase Bank. Of couse many of the banks give special Adoption loans already.
*There is a Pro-life license plate program to raise funds to help women who choose to not abort but relinquish their child in adoption.
* Hollywood has come out with a few movies about adoption recently like Bella(A+)and Juno(C).
* More and more companies are providing some monetary help for their adopted parent employees.
* Airlines are providing cheaper fares for those adopted parents going overseas

Any more you can think of? Adoption is at least getting much more good press....maybe more of the foster kids will catch a break too.....I pray this year they find a forever home!

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