Thursday, January 17, 2008

Is it a form of Hypochondria?

I have read a few negative blogs lately that all claim the same thing...."I thought I was well adjusted and being adopted didn't bother me until I started reading these blogs...."

ARG, is it like Scientology where even though it's crazy people follow?
or like some sort of hypochondria where you are convinced something is wrong?
I think it's quite interesting how they are fine for 20 or thirty years and BOOM...all of a sudden they have a problem with it...when they know they can get, what?, empathy from strangers, some feeling of solidarity? Does it really do something for them?

I know there are a few adoptees with some psychological problems...I won't name names.....but these may be legit claims. Is it from adoption? Or the family they grew up in? Who knows, it may be in the genes.....but, how many people must one convince they too have problems before they convince themselves their problem is legit?

I had never realized there were so many unhappy people out there....always looking for something to blame it on.....

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