Tuesday, January 01, 2008

JUNO - over all a C (the end was a B+)

Okay, we saw it; me (an adoptee and amom) and my best friend (a birthmom). I don't know how to react to it actually. Most was done "Hollywood style" but their were elements in it that rang true. It was hard onmy friend, their were things that were hard for her to watch and for me too - but I knew they were not the same things. She laughed at some things when I didn't and vice-a-versa. most of the time I just thought "well, that was crude".

I thought at first I was going to hate the movie, when it started I realized this was not going to be a true and serious story about what this girl was going through. She was 16 and had it all wrapped up...she was witty, mature and unemotional about the whole thing. I wasn't sure I even liked her. I felt sorry for her, not because she was pregnant but because of her family, her friends and her environment.

But, it sort of sneaks up on ya---about a third or more of the way through....you start thinking...."hmmm, maybe she's just acting tough". By the last fourth you have a decision to make - is it a good movie or not? Do you really care about what happens or not? Will you hate this movie or not? And I actually sarted to like it a little better---I wanted whoever did the last bit of the movie to go back and do the rest of it over again.

I was thinking the whole time it was a Cor C-
But, by the end I thought it was a B- or B

In the end I don't think it's done anything to persuade adoptions or dissuade girls from relinquishing...it was just a story about this girl, her situation and nothing more.

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Lori said...

Thanks for your review, Petunia. I haven't seen it yet, but I hope to soon.