Friday, January 25, 2008

Hillary, the Movie...and more

THIS is not a joke, it's a real movie that the Clintons are doing everything they can to stop.

If anyone would bother really getting into her past and her record they could NOT, in good conscience, vote for her.

Even though there have been reports that the "Clinton Casualties" are all made up THIS site (and many others) tell the names of people who have really died mysteriously and had something to do with the Clintons...

And what about all those papers that are "under lock and Key" in the white house? Bill has ordered that zillions of so-far-unreleased documents in the National Archives, concerning the former first lady’s activities in the Clinton White House, will remain unreleased for several more years (2012 to be exact). Why can't we see memos between Hillary and Bill on such policy issues as welfare reform or Bill’s advice to Hillary on her 2000 Senate campaign? What are we NOT supposed to find in all of it? I'm surprised she wouldn't have shred all the controversial papers like she did with Vince Foster's documents and the Health Care Task Force.

Came across this great web site, The Hillary Project --- a great site that reports on Hillary when the liberal media will not.

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