Thursday, January 03, 2008

Domestic Adoption is still possible

Read a great article about breaking down the stereotypes of domestic adoption and birthmoms....people don't think that you can still adopt children from the US--I know we have had many people ask us "where is she from?"...."here", I usually say....after a pause it's always the same response, with eyes open wide-- "here???" - like they didn't hear right.
Here's a little excerpt:

"Even as domestic adoption evolves, negative stereotypes of birthmothers refuse to die out. Attorney Mark McDermott has been working to correct such stereotypes for 21 years. “Sometimes I feel like I have not made a dent,” he says. Most damaging are the portrayals of birthmothers as heartlessly “giving up” their children. In reality, most of them have made a painful, but loving, choice—one for which there is very little societal support.

Despite the perception that most birthmothers are irresponsible teenagers, many are single mothers who already have a child, and who face economic pressure to place a child. “Women are educated and empowered to make a choice, and they want the best life possible for their child,” says Steve Kirsh, an adoption attorney in Indianapolis. Adoption professionals see a crying need to de-stigmatize adoption, and to fight the damaging biases that discourage women in crisis pregnancies from considering adoption. "

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