Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I am a Mother

I am a real mother
I have an incredible love for my child
I care for my child every day
I would kill anyone that tried to hurt my child
I am her mommy
I am a real mother

By biomom and the biomom of my daughter are just that..... a mother of biological blood ties. If the child would have stayed with them...they would be that child's "real" mother, not just a biomom.

They both are mothers, they have given birth....but I have mothered my child and my adopted parent mothered me. We are "real mothers".

I have respect for all mothers that have given birth...some have lost those children to miscarriage or infant death, some have lost them to adoption, some have raised them and lost them.....there are many mothers who have lost....but all deserve respect---I cannot deny that at all. None should be forgotten or treated poorly.

I am a real mother and very proud to be that!


katd said...

Beautiful. What a blessing to have people who love you, regardless of biology!

Renee & Paul said...

WOW am I glad I found this blog!!! I am an adoptee and a future adoptive mother and your words a breath of fresh air. I will definitely keep reading your blog, love it!!