Friday, March 30, 2007

Why do people think I must feel like them to be normal?

Someone now has accused me of NOT being adopted...I just laughed. Yes, I must confess..... I set this blog up to write about adopting my daughter and was bombarded by commentors and reading other blogs about how terrible all the adoptees have it. I put myself out there to be bombarded, critisized and called names to tell people there really ARE happy adoptees....but it's all made up....Right.

I don't have to defend my Adopted Parents. They are wonderful people who you only wish you would know. They have let me always be me - they have NEVER told me I shouldn't search, they have never told me that my bios were bad. We never found a need to talk about it much AT ALL. I had all the non-identifying info by 18 and Catholic Charities was great about putting me in a family with the same background. I guess it's very difficult for people to believe I'm happy..... so now - I must not have been adopted at all.

Well, then don't read this blog, have a good time wallowing and stay blinded...... It's not for you anyway....this blog is to tell people that are looking to adopt that it DOES work and their children will most likely be happy, well adjusted adults.