Friday, March 30, 2007

Mean Girls

Have you ever seen that movie? It's a silly movie about teenage girls. But there were always those girls in school weren't there? They were the ones with the BIG personalities. They were the ones that were the outgoing, nose up in the air, not-so-smart but popular girls. Many of them, a little too "popular". They made life heck on everyone else. They knew what all the answers were (they thought) and flaunted their popularity, reputation, or whatever it took to gain more mean girl friends. They thought everyone should be like them. All of them were shollow inour eyes but it didn't matter in their world. I wasn't one of them, I fought for the underdog, I was a jock, an actress, a singer, a model, in all the clubs and had more meaningful friendships...I had a great highschool experience and didn't let these "mean girls" affect my life. (I also had awesome Aparents who gave me a great self-esteem).

The "mean girls" didn't change, they are still out there. You can read the comments on my posts and see which ones I'm talking about. And if these girls weren't the "mean girls" in high school they are want-to-be mean girls now. They still live in their own little worlds, they still think everyone should be like them or they will try to make people's lives hell.

It still doesn't bother me.


AnotherAmy said...
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truly blessed said...

All those girls just gleam with envy of you. They just can't stand to see anyone happy.

Friend of Jesus. said...

Not so smart at all. Not like you Petunia, we will keep praying for them.

I am sure the day will come when they will all wake up to themselves and realize that you were right and they will come cap in hand and apologize.

another outcast said...

I know exactly what you mean.

I can't stand people like that, all they care about is who is wearing what, and what kind of cars they drive.

I am sick of them, I am sick of them calling me a geek, and laughing behind my back.

Those kind of people don't know what true friendship is or what it is like for us who are happy.

Thanks Petunia, you give me hope.

petuniahasnoclue said...

well, i was what everyone thought of as a mean popular girl, but, that meanness was an assumption. not true at all. it is possible to be very popular and nice.
petunia. the problem i have with your blog. other than it reeks of holier than thou attitude. you forget about the first mother in all this. you refuse to believe that we were lied to and that coersion was a big part of our placement. i think you had to adopt to prove to everyone that it is not so bad. i think you are very controlling. if you parents were so wonderful, they would celebrate your roots, your DNA, what makes you you. and they would encourage a relationship. the fact that you have to LIE, which is NOT christian, makes whatever comes after that...nothing but more lies. i have to agree with joy, parts of your story, just do NOT add up. you have to scream, i am happy, i am happy. my aparents are great. but you have to hide your relationship with your bios. maybe the lie, is that your parents have bio children. and why do you have to make it so that everyone knows you are your dads favorite. that seems strange. and all your friends in jesus, well, that is a whole other story, all of it smacks of BRAINWASHING!!!!!!!!!!

MomEtc. said...

Lurker here. I know what you mean Petunia. I hate when other people tell you who you should be or how you should feel. These are the very same type of people who would react almost violently is such was done to them.

kime said...

I wonder why these people feel they have to make up a new account just to comment on your blog? It reminds me of prank phone calls that we used to do in grade school but grew out of by Jr. High. hahahah!

Joy said...

You know Petunia, I really like you blog, it is one of my favorites. It always gives me something to think about.

I went back in your old posts and saw all the lists of things you hate and how you wanted to be sure to adopt a good looking person. I liked reading that for some reason.

I bet you are just giving voice to what a lot of adoptive parents really do think, but I just can't put my finger on what doesn't add up here, but something definetly doesn't.

But you know it doesn't really bother me, because you have such a fun blog.

BTW, I was popular in school, and I wasn't mean. That mean girls stuff is so untrue, there you are just having fun with your friends and some spaz girl thinks you hate her and gets all emo on you and you are thinking, "and who are you?" Did we have a class together or something?

I always think the unpopular girls were meaner because they were always hating on the kids who were popular and obsessing about them.

But it doesn't matter, because nice happy people don't spend time calling other people names and making lists of things they hate, but I have to say, the I want a good looking not even baby but adult adopted child was my favorite.


You were still making prank phone calls in Jr. Hi.

How really cute of you

petunia said...

It's funny to me that no too many people had bad commetns on this post---they didn't want to be accused of being exactly what I wrote about - with the acception of the girl who made up a name with my name in it (very clever, but I won't write it...I'll just call you mean girl #1 :)
Since you did not capatilize Christian I will assume you are not one. Why should I "celebrate my roots?" I have the same heritage that my a parents have so - whatever.
And the reason I SCREAM I am happy is because i feel like am in the middle of all thses unhappy people saying "HELLO, I am happy, someone hear me....don't believe that every single adopted person has had it bad.
Joy, I appreciate your honesty (didn't appreciate you're comments about my parents).

ani said...

For someone who does not care to much for what people say you sure seem taken by it, all these posts in regards to some comments you got,

What, the last three posts by you, about what others opinions are.

I wouldn't worry so much ,, I mean it is just the internet right. You don't know any of them IRL.

I mean your blog I getting read Isn't that what you want, is people your blog.

I find your blog a good read as well.

I get a kick out of it,,especially the one about adopting a good looking kid, I mean who wants the ugly babies anyway.

Keep it up,,and thanks for letting people comment.

thanks, ani

Joy said...

Well it is only natural to want to be thought of well by others, that is no crime.

And you are right Petunia I shouldn't have said those things about your parents and I apologize.

I wanted to see if you would react like an adoptee and freak out, because that is one thing that seems to get most of us...

And there was a rumor going around that you were just playing a trick on all of us.

So taking you at face value I will say it makes me sad that you don't feel like you can be fully open and not harm them.

That sounds like a burden, I have it too, but to a lesser extent, so I know what that is like in a way.

I hate it, I wish I could be more open with all my parents and feel like I would receive love in return instead of guilt and incriminations.

Oh well, the magic of adoption...

Pooper said...

For someone who claims to be happy and well-adjusted you sure spend a lot of time sounding pissed at the rest of the world. shrug.

petunia said...

I'm more ticked off at people who try to tell me that I could not be happy because they aren't. I am upset...upset at people thinking everyone should have a bad life because they did. double shrug