Monday, March 05, 2007


It's time for another packet for little bit's biomom. I love putting these together and actually take pictures with her in mind. I want her to see her teeth coming in, her adventures and her cute little things she does. When we get her professional picture taken I always get a picture with her bear---the same exact bear we gave her biomom. I want her to feel connected still in some way, if she want to. It's much harder to write a letter and tell her of all the things we are doing because I know she is wishing it could be her. I love them and pray for them all the time.


Brandi said...

May I ask why you only send "packets"? Could you have more frequent and direct contact? Does she not want a fully open adoption?

My son's first mom is like a member of our family, we speak frequently on the phone and via email and she visits when she can and we plan to visit her in the future and/or plan vacations together when DS is more suited to long distance travel.

petunia said...

The biomom wanted a semi-open adoption, as we did. We keep in contact through the agency. I call them frequently to see if they have heard from her and how she is doing but she hasn't contacted them much. She does come in to get her "packets" of letters and pictures. I was adopted as well and feel a semi open was better for me and we can see how my daughter is with informtion. I definetly want them to meet after she is 18 or 20.