Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Give me a break

The guy from Borrowed Notes writes about a comment I left in a post:
In the course of this exploration, the adoptee could feel angry and bitter about the losses incurred due to the practice of adoption. This type of reaction, in my opinion, is completely normal and - God forbid - healthy. What people like “petunia” need to do is not be so dismissive of these emotions, which are part of a process that most adoptees go through in order to reconcile their past and present lives.

Why do people do that? This is what I wrote:
There is a big difference with being curious about your origins and your biological family and letting the actual fact you are adopted turn you bitter and angry. I’m not trying to say all adoptees are happy people... there are enough biological children that are unhappy. But when an adoptee has not had the best life sometimes they like to blame adoption and they get pretty radical about how everyone should be against adoption. They say angry and mean things... THAT is a bitter angry adoptee. It has nothing to do with curiosity or wanting to change adoption practices so they are better and more ethical - I’m all for that.

That, to me is pretty plain. Bloodlines smoodlines......I don't get what that hang up is. These are strangers.....curiosity I can understand, but they are living in a fantasy of "what could have been". MOST adoptees do NOT go through these feelings....feelings of loss? Unless these people were abused or were adopted when a little older and have actual memories of their biological family they are kidding themselves....

I'm in a bad mood today...can you tell?

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