Friday, July 13, 2007

Holy Smokes - Tom Cruise is weirder than I thoughtIt began with Victoria Beckham on Jay Leno. I started to think about she and David being friends with Tom Cruise and his wife. I looked up "Beckham scientology" and saw a clip from an article about Tom making a movie about his "bizarre" religious beliefs and he wants Victoria to play "Thetan". Then I had to look that up and got weird. I knew it was a bizarre system of beliefs and I know Ron Hubbard was a failed Science fiction writer who decided to start his own religion....but HOW ON GOD'S GREEN EARTH DO PEOPLE FALL FOR THIS????

Maybe it's all about prestige, being part of the "club"...I can't imagine intelligent people believing this. These are the same people who can't believe in Jesus? That's too far fetched? That's easy math compaired to believing we all have an alien living in our brains: Thetan is a " non-human, but not superhuman, parasitic intelligence that can infest the brains of human beings".

WOOOHHOOOOO, these headaches must be that pseky Thetan trying to get out (like on the Alien movie)

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