Thursday, July 19, 2007

I Need to Stop Reading other Blogs!

I do try to understand when biomoms are angry. They live with regret, the "what ifs" and the "whys". They let it simmer until they are angry. But sometimes they go over too many lines, calling people names, trying to fight to get rid of adoption all together because of how they feel about their own situation.

One biomom quoted the bible to "prove" that the bible speaks against adoption:
"The WICKED snatch fatherless children from their mother's breasts, and take a poor man's baby as a pledge before they will loan him any money or grain." Job 24:9

But she doesn't realize this has NOTHING to do with adoption. She used it out of context.
Job was talking about the oppressors that blame the "law" for what they do: "they pluck the fatherless from the breast";that's the oppressor having MADE the
child fatheress by murdering the father. By killing the father they break the mother's heart, and so "starve the children" and leave them to perish. Pharaoh and Herod "plucked children from the breast to the sword"; and we read of "children brought forth to the murderers" Hosea 9:13

So I guess if we use things out of context we can prove the bible says anything.....

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