Tuesday, April 17, 2007

48 Hours

I watched an old show on WE last night...an old 48 Hours. It was about a baby who had been found under a gazebo wrapped in a towel and a trash bag (1974). The girl had been adopted and had been told she was found in a trashbag...she lived with that her whole life. After her adopted mother died she searched six years, articles in the paper etc....then she registered on BIGHUGS dot com and her biomom registered six months later. They matched them and they filmed the meeting. They were so happy to meet and introduce all family. Then, as what happens with many reunions, the honeymoon period wore off and the biomom has not contacted her since. It was sad but I understood....less i guess because it was the biomom not wanting a relationship but I did understand the feelings. The daughter is okay with it....she got most of her answers.

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