Thursday, April 12, 2007


DNA is such a new thing (well, new as far as they can read it now). In the not so distant past it was all about blood type and you couldn't be too sure if a person was really a parent or not. Now they can tell up to 99.99999999999999999999 percent if the child is related biologically to a particular person or not. I did the DNA test with my biodad...he was unsure and needed confirmation. It didn't change my feelings, or how we related to was just a test about blood.

Anna Nicole Smith obviously couldn't have cared less who her baby's father was. She probably knew...who knows. But it's funny how fighting for this baby has turned into such a fiasco. If she wasn't worth 100s of millions of dollars I don't think this poor child would have a home at all. DNA has made all the difference for these people....a celebration over who has the same DNA. I don;t think it has changed Larry's feelings about the baby but it sure has made him happy that he will now have a chance at all that money.

We may all be better off without the knowledge of DNA.....


Anonymous said...

have you bothered to listen to larry's family? they seem like such good hearted, kind people. they seem like the one shot that little girl has at a normal life. i bet that little girl will care about dna. her real family sure does. her cousins can't wait for her to come home. there is a conncetion with dna. just because you fight it, and deny should not be the one to try to be so negative that most people embrace it. it is our core, our lifeforce. deny it if you will...but it has been around for millions of years. and how about the fact that that baby looks like her father. that was everyones first clue. howard stern wishes he looked like that baby, and seemed very uncomfortable trying just to hold her. she will soon be where nature intended her to be.

petunia said...

Been around for millions of years? haha - that's sounds funny. DNA is what we are all made of....and if that baby was raised by Anna and Howard - she would never even know that Larry is her father...Anna probably wasn't sure. I'm sure everyone wants her and cares...if he cared so much why didn't he come forward until all of this? He couldn't stand being with Anna? He didn't want what came along with it comes with money - whoohooo....they all love her!