Thursday, April 19, 2007

Poeple don't listen (or they don't hear)

I just posted a comment on another blog. People don't listen to other people - what they are saying, how they feel. Everyone does have a right to their own feelings...we don't know what people have been through. I try not to tell people they are wrong they way the feel, what they have been through has formed them. I don't like that people try to tell me how I should feel...and I do believe you shouldn't force people to be a certain way. Now I relaize it works both ways - there is a line in the sand you say -"do not cross" and even that is different for most people---so it's difficult. But we should all try to respect eachother and not be mean. This reply was in response to a post by a blogger who had posted on a forum and got shot down:

"don't be suprised at what anyone does or says in any blog or forum. People have strong opinions...I know I do. I respect people for sticking to what they believe but I despise how people manipulate other people to try to make them believe something that isn't true. You have your feelings and you have a right to them...because of your life, your bold and say how you feel - regardless of what anyone says. That is who you are. I am all for reform (as long as people don't go overboard--don't throw the baby out with the bathwater). But, there will always be adoption because there will always be people who cannot care for their children mentally, physically or monitarily. It's a sad fact - in a perfect world everyone would have children and be able to care for them. This is not a perfect world and we have to live here the best we can. People also have to learn to live with the decisions they make, good or bad."
I really think people need to take a step back and see how what they say and do affects others. They are caught up in their own circumbstances and cannot see the forest through the trees.

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very well said.