Saturday, April 21, 2007


I am not racist - I honestly believe you should judge people on the WAY the are instead of the COLOR they are or how much/little money they have etc. I guess we all have some prejudicism but I don't care what color or race people are. I do judge people on the way they act, the choices they make, the things they do - but I don't treat people bad because of the bad things they do or they wrong choices they make. Okay - with that said .... Why do people in the USA think that America invented Racism? My friend from India is from the very south - he's very dark - he said the dark, southern Indians HATE the northern lighter people. My friend from Iraq hates the Sunni because he is Shiite... My friend from Egypt had to move here becase he is a Christian and he was being discriminated against and could not get a job that would pay enough...even though he is a professor with a doctorate. My husband plays soccer with a guy who is a gypsie and none of the other guys from Europe will not even talk to him.
Palestinians and the Isreali's
The Aboriginal people in Australia,
The Innu in Canada,
even the Inuit in Alaska are mistreated.
My friend from Japan said there are many different groups of Japanese people that just don't like eachother.
The Germans used to have High and Low German speaking people - they did not like eachother at all.
All over Africa - One tribe hates the next
Birthmothers and adoptive parents (just seeing if you're paying attention)
But seriously, there are many more - all over the planet.

So for America to think that we will cure hatred, racism and bigotry is idealistic. There will always be hate in this world because there is sin...if we all do our little part we will make a better world but this is nothing new and we can't expect it all to go away.

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I agree with you Petunia!