Monday, April 16, 2007

A parent is for a lifetime

I read another blog today and this quote has stuck with me...
It’s not about “getting pregnant”–it’s about “being a parent”. “Being pregnant” lasts nine months (if you’ve got a smooth pregnancy). “Being a parent”…well, it lasts a lifetime.


Anonymous said...

Well stated. It sounds like something someone w/fertility issue would say.

petunia said...

Being a parent is much more important than blood. It is the parents who love, take care, raise and direct the child...I've seen some pretty bad people have children - blood or not - they are not PARENTS. My own parents have biological children and me (an adopted child) -- they are excellent parents to both---hmmm...sort of puts a wrench in your theory.

Anonymous said...

I do agree that being a parent is about love, and some bioparents do not have love. But some have a love that is as deep as the love that adoptive parents have for the child in every way.

They may have gone through more for you than you realize and without any of the joys that your adopitve parents were blessed with. Parenting is painful, difficult AND rewarding. Giving up a child is only painful.

And it can still be about being a parent. :)


AFF said...

Great quote - and I think it can apply to all parents in an adoption.