Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Adoption OASIS

Thanks to another blogger I found my way back to Adoption OASIS. I was on the site when it just started and there weren't too many postings and then I forgot about it. These woman are happy adoptees, biomoms who are at peace and aparents - they all get along, have great attititudes and treat people with respect. It's really a breath of fresh air and it makes me thrilled to know happy people do post about adoption on the internet - they just don't have blogs....


kathy said...

I am glad to know that you "made me
up". I haven't been able to stop laughing all day!

Tishslp said...

Hey Petunia,

GREAT blog! Good, balanced view of adoption, I like it.

So, Kathy, how is it to be a "made up" person? Do you feel lighter? hehehe

GDS said...

You jerk!!!

Sorry, it just didn't seem right to go all day and not have an oddly rude comment on to one of your posts.

I'll have to check that out and pass it along to a certain woman in my life who might find it even more interesting than I.

kathy said...

hehehe yes I am laughing.

snapdragon said...

I just finished a book about adoption- "Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents Knew" by S. Eldridge. It has helped me understand my daughter better and I wondered if you have read it and what your thoughts are on it.

petunia said...

how was that book? I got so down on adoption books because it seemed they were all bad...good stories aren't a good read, not interesting enough. It seemed like the authors all had a bad story to tell.

snapdragon said...

Well, there were some negatives- like birthdays made the author sad, and not knowing her medical history was frustrating to her, and she acted out of anger and frustration as a teen (promiscuity). But, what helped me was understanding that my daughter's behaviors indicated that she was feeling a great loss, and my understanding of that loss could help her move on. I know that not all adoptees can be lumped into one 'group experience', but there are some things that are probably common to most, so it was an interesting read.

petunia said...

It's good to read these books in case you see any of those things happening. We just have to keep reminding ourselves each child is diffrerent. I never went through any of it. I'm not perfect but just didn't have these problems. I think my mom read all that and I think she thought I would be promiscuous because others were. I was a pretty good kid and didn't want to do anything too bad....I was brought us to be kind, thoughtful and conscientious....

SueB said...

Hi Petunia,
Thanks for posting on my blog:
It is so nice to find your site where there is not all that adoption parents / birth parents negativity. I found my birth daughter 35 years after surrendering her. Finding her has been the gretest joy of my life. And finding her mother has been icing on the cake. I love that woman like no other. We have a geniune sister hood between us. And it was born of our genuine love for our daughter. Thanks for helping spread the 'good news'!
God bless you and your endeavor.
And please drop in and visit, and post a comment, at