Thursday, May 17, 2007

My Bio-1/2 sibs

It's amazing to me how different we are, how utterly different 2 people who I have blood-ties to can be.

I have very dark, coarse, curly hair - they have blond thin straight hair.
I love meat and they are vegetarians
I am a Christian, they are into new age and tarot cards
I am an actress & singer, they are quiet and can't sing a note

they go on and one would ever guess we have 1/2 the same DNA


Tishslp said...

My sister is blond; I am dark. My sister is slender; I am heavy; my sister has her doctorate in Math; I have my Master's in Speech; my sister wants to be outside all day; I love curling up with a book. It goes on and on and on.....

I look nothing like my mother. My hair is thick like hers, but of a different color. Our eyes are similar in color, but not in shape.

I look eerily similar to my step-mother. Same wieght gain pattern, same skin tone, similar facial features, similar mannerisms.

I am not my godson's mother, but when we're out together, everyone comments on how much my "son" looks like his "mother".

It is what it is.....and I'm fine with it :)

LeRoy Dissing said...

Those dominant genes can show up in so many different ways. I think you got the best though Petunia :)