Saturday, May 12, 2007


I had my tonsils out when I was 5. My tonsils gew back...have you ever hear of such a thing?
I now have acute tonsilitis and strep throat....ouch.

It made me start thinking how impressive the body is. Tonisils can grow back and skin "replaces itself". They have found that your liver can be "shared" and some of it can be donated to someone in need of one. It will regenerate itself...amazing.
Stroke victims will lose brain function until (in some cases) it will "re-route" itself and full fuction can come back.

It would be nice if this worked for other things like digits, limbs, bad eye-sight etc. They cut my hubby's uvula out - you don't see that thing growing back do you? Why does the hair on our arms stop growing but the hair on our heads don't?

I know a lady who had cancer on her nose so they took hair from the saide of her face (just in front on the top of her ear) to replace the skin they had to cut off. Did you know they want to be replaced facial skin with other facial skin because it has taken the most sun and weathering? Anyway, the skin has different hair follicles in it and now she has to shave the bridge of her nose- strange.

It's a shame phycholigical things can't be taken care of the same way. Heartbreak has no graph to repair it. The past can't be cut out and re-generated for the better....

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