Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Numbers

2% of the U.S. population, or 5-10-million Americans, are adoptees.

-Adoption Factbook, National Council For Adoption

It's hard to imagine that many of us out there. People just don't want to accept it (as you can see by some comments). It doesn't prove anything but that we are out there.....and the percentage who write blogs who are unhappy (as real as it is for them) is small compaired to this number.

1-million children in the U.S. live with adoptive parents, and

2%-4% of American families include an adopted child.

-K.S. Stolley, 1993, in "Future of Children,"

Center for Future of Children, Los Altos, CA


LeRoy Dissing said...

Petunia...that is a significant number of people! You would think by now there would be more people discussing adoption, its effects, ect. especially as it relates to the adoptee. I think it is starting though.

niobe said...

I'm surprised more people aren't aware of the statistics on adoptions. I certainly had no idea until I started reading blogs like this one.

petunia said...

"friendofjesus" is a person who used to let her real link be known-- she is sarcastic and if there's one thing that is is mean sarcasm. So I delete those and any others who fit into this catagory...especially those "claiming" to be a christian. She did say I should talk about more things, that someone can only talk about one think for so long. Imagine how I feel when I read the blogs about how BAD adoption is....almost every post...move on!
I am being new or prospective adoptive parents a different look at adoption. My life is about 3% adoption - I share 2% here.

Being Me said...

Still wondering how we can verify how many of them are not troubled by their adoptee status.

petunia said...

It's a a good question - there may be a good amount---I just think there are SO many adoptees that you don't hear from on blogs or any groups....the numbers to me are staggering.