Wednesday, May 23, 2007

When I was Born

When I was born my biological mother held me, fed me and had a day to say goodbye. I wish all adoptees could be so loved and all biomoms could have the opportunity to feel the the way my biomom felt. Maybe that's why I've been happy, I started off in the right way and then had awesome parents who pushed me to be the best I could be...whatever that was.


Trace said...

I HOPE that whoever selects us to parent does those things.

I'm almost finished the book you recommended (The Lovely Bones) and I've been enjoying it. Thanks for the suggestion! Next I'm going to look for the other book you suggested. The one written by Bin Laden's wife. Can you tell me the name again?

Suzanne said...

Some similar experience yes. But my bio mom didn't even want to name me. It has taken 10 years to build a semi-stable relationship with her.

I got pregnant on fertility treatments after surgery (and on a missions trip).

Secondary infertility has seen treatments that have not been successful. So I have my one and she is my gift. My bio mom is meeting her next month.

I enjoy your blog ... I don't enjoy the conflict ... but I enjoy your blog!

Trace said...

Thanks! I'm going to head over to the library and pick the suggested books up...we're going away for a relaxing long weekend!

reedster said...

I am so glad to have found your blog. It is nice to have some balance in the adoption blogosphere! :)

BestLight said...

Thanks, Petunia, for commenting on my blog. I'm so glad it led me here, because I'll be coming back often.

Adding you to my Google Reader and blog roll.