Monday, May 14, 2007

Life is crummy....everyone has problems. Society, family, friends, relatives and aquaintences can be a disappoinment. Stop blaming adoption or circumstances or just happens.

Life happens.

(revised- I'm sorry if this sounds snotty, I've been reading too many anti-adoption blogs this morning and it seems all the adoptees are blaming all their problems with family and life on being adopted.... it just sounds like whining to me...)


BB Church said...

I'm curious now, why do you care if people whine? If you are secure in your place in the world, then their whining ought not matter, right?

Or is your happiness dependent on other people agreeing that you're happy.

I'm just trying to figure this out, since it seems that the attitude that other people, especially strangers on the internet, who disagree with one another have the power to make others happy or unhappy. I find this mysterious. Please advise.

ani said...

You are such a caring, loving compassionate example of Jesus Petunia,,really you do shine as a Christian example for other woman.


Tishslp said...

We all have days and times where we need to gripe about things that bother us.....even if those feelings are not necessarily politically correct. Who of us is really in a position of being so "enlightened" that you don't go to your own place, with your own people and gripe about the things that bother you....regardless of whether those things are "right" to gripe about or "wrong". P did not invade anyone's space; she posted on her OWN blog.

You don't seem unhappy to me, P. Are you unhappy? Hope not!!

kathy said...

One of the reasons I don't blog is because my thoughts and feelings aren't in stride with what's current.
I like reading different points of view. Thanks Petunia.

Anonymous said...

Hey nice blog, have you seen Canada Chill ? anyways I love bumping into cool blogs like yours. Keep up the good work!

petunia said...

First, I really don't think what I said was so horrible....I think people whine about their lives---life is not that bad. Look at people in other countries who just wish they had ONE parent or even ONE PERSON to take care of them. This is not "non-Christ like"... it is reality. I wish I could say it in a nicer way but people need to stop blaming everything on adoption, parents, money situations...whatever. Life happens, bad things can happen... how are you going to deal with them? Yes, maybe you were adopted and things were not as great as you think they should have been, maybe your parents divorced and life was hard, maybe you are poor and can't find a job----- it's sad but don't blame people. The past is the past... instead of trying to change the pst - change your present and future.

Secondly, thank you to those who read this and understand what I am saying... sometimes people want to hang on to grief, anger, hatred, etc. Maybe it's all some people have.... i don't know. I'm sorry if I offend...whining frustrates me.

Tishslp said...

Petunia, I don't think what you wrote was so bad, either. But, we're "like-minded" and I just figured I was too "adoptive parent" to get it (hehehe). Anyway, like-minded or not like-minded, we all need a place to go and set down the things that bother us. A personal blog is a great place to do it.

I'm not so sure that being annoyed by those you feel are whiney is a sign of insecurity or unhappiness....

I try to stay away from characterizing someone else's actions as "Christian" or's too easy for me to be unChristian at the very time I'm "speaking in truth" to another. Now, I try to just witness and to pray for people. It seems to be working better for me.

And, you're right, Petunia. All of us, no matter where we are on the triad, really DO have much to be thankful for. Thanks for the reminder :)